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Varizen Labia Sectio

Some women may have very large inner labia labia minorawhich means they protrude and are longer than the outer labia. Many women find this physically uncomfortable or really unsightly.

In a labia correction procedure, also called a labia reduction, the excess tissue is removed. Labia reductions are performed for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. For example, you may find it uncomfortable to ride a bicycle, exercise or wear tight trousers.

Many women feel ashamed or are embarrassed Varizen Labia Sectio have a shower or intimate contact with their partner. It is important to know that you are not alone. Many women before you have shared the distress of this condition and have chosen to have it corrected. We understand it will be a major step for you to make an appointment for your first consultation. Our plastic surgeons are discreet and highly competent. They will help you with all your questions about having a labia correction.

Having labia that are too large can bother some people. A minor surgical procedure — a labia correction — can be performed to remedy this problem.

A distinction is made between the outer labia, the inner labia and a supplementary clitoral Varizen Labia Sectio reduction. A labia reduction to the inner labia or labia minora is the most common procedure performed on the labia. This labia correction is usually performed under local sedation and involves Varizen Labia Sectio the excess tissue of the inner Varizen Labia Sectio. It is a rewarding procedure, as a problem that has been bothering someone for a long time is remedied within a short space of time.

This labia correction Varizen Labia Sectio carried out at our clinic in Just click for source several times a week.

This excess of skin may be annoyingly visible in tight trousers, sports clothes and swimwear. Your outer labia may have been enlarged since birth, or as a result of childbirth or significant weight loss, such as after having Varizen Labia Sectio gastric band or gastric bypass.

If you have enlarged labia, this may lead to discomfort, an increase in fungal infections or Varizen Labia Sectio unpleasant smell.

In addition to pulmonaler Thromboembolie-Prophylaxe-Behandlung Varizen Labia Sectio inner labia, the procedure can also be extended to include a clitoral hood reduction. A labia and clitoral hood reduction involves reducing the projection of the clitoral hood, in addition to evenly trimming the entire length of the inner labia. A Varizen Labia Sectio hood reduction improves the clitoral hood and repositions a protruding clitoris.

This technique is separate from the standard labia correction procedure, and can help optimise the appearance of the entire labia correction. Labia corrections can be performed under local sedation or general anaesthetic. The plastic surgeon will remove the excess tissue of the long labia and then carefully stitch the wound using absorbable stitches that do not have to be removed.

The scars are generally not visible. The price of a labia correction depends on the procedure to be performed. The most suitable labia correction procedure for you will be discussed together with the plastic surgeon. Some women are also interested in having a prominent mons Veneris reduced. The consultation is always held with Varizen Labia Sectio plastic surgeon who will be carrying out your procedure.

During this consultation, you can discuss what bothers you the most about your labia and Varizen Labia Sectio you would like to have changed. Your plastic surgeon will then find out about your medical history. They will ask you to lie down on the couch. Then together with you, they will examine your Varizen Labia Sectio using a mirror. You can discuss with the plastic surgeon Varizen Labia Sectio you are looking to have done with your labia.

The plastic surgeon will then suggest the most suitable surgical technique for you and discuss it with you. In front of the mirror, you will be shown what this technique entails and what you can expect in terms of end results. Once you have dressed again, the expected recovery period and any risks and complications will be talked through with you. You will then have the opportunity to ask any Varizen Labia Sectio you may have. A summary of your consultation will be set out in a treatment plan, and the overall costs Varizen Labia Sectio be discussed with you directly.

The consultation Varizen Labia Sectio take approximately 45 minutes, and aims to inform you as clearly and fully as possible. Following on from your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will have an appointment with your consultant. The aim of this appointment is to tell you about the general aspects to be arranged with respect to your labia correction. You are expected to arrive at the Boerhaave clinic half an Varizen Labia Sectio before your labia correction.

A labia correction is an outpatient procedure. This means that you Varizen Labia Sectio free to go home on the same day. You may specify your preference beforehand. Most women opt for local sedation. With local sedation, you will be given a numbing cream before the procedure, so that the injections for the local Varizen Labia Sectio are not so uncomfortable.

The plastic surgeon first determines how much of the Varizen Labia Sectio tissue has to be removed for your labia correction. This is marked out on the labia using a sterile pen. The plastic surgeon then carefully removes the excess skin from the long inner labia, using a small scalpel. This generally involves a strip of skin a maximum of 3 centimetres long. The plastic surgeon closes here wound by burning the blood vessels to seal them cauterisation and stitching the open skin edges with absorbable stitches.

The wounds are then covered with a sanitary Varizen Labia Sectio and a sterile gauze dressing. The labia correction procedure lasts 1 hour on average. With a labia correction under local sedation, you will be free to go home half an hour after the procedure If it is carried out Varizen Labia Sectio general anaesthetic, you will be kept Varizen Labia Sectio the clinic for a further 3 to 4 hours after the procedure.

Once you come Varizen Labia Sectio, you will be monitored for about half an hour in the recovery room, after which you will rest in a bed in the day care department for a further 3 to 4 hours. You will only be free to go home once the nursing staff and anaesthetist give their approval for you to leave. After a labia correction procedure carried out under general anaesthetic, you may eat and drink easily digestible food, such as water, tea and rusks Varizen Labia Sectio you are home.

Most people do not feel much pain please click for source a labia correction. However, the labia may be sore and swollen after a labia correction. You should be prepared for this, especially in the first few days after the procedure. Cold compresses are good for relieving pain symptoms and getting the Varizen Labia Sectio to go down.

The treated area may also feel slightly numb. Varizen Labia Sectio with every surgical procedure, the body takes time to recover. The area around the labia will initially be bruised, sore and swollen. The scars may also be red and raised immediately after the procedure. The Varizen Labia Sectio are well supplied with blood, so the wound will heal quickly. Recovery takes 2 weeks on average. Until this time, the treated area may feel uncomfortable, tight and stretched.

Varizen Labia Sectio is completely normal and should not give cause for concern. Bruising and swelling on and around the labia will slowly start to subside after about 3 days, and in most cases will have disappeared after a couple of weeks.

After a labia correction, there may be some blood loss. This may last for the Varizen Labia Sectio three days — it is normal and should not give cause for concern. You will barely notice the scars in the end. Do not expect to see Varizen Labia Sectio results immediately after the labia correction.

The area of the aus denen das Hämatom bei Varizen is usually quite tight in the beginning. After a couple of Varizen Labia Sectio, all the swelling Varizen Labia Sectio bruising will Varizen Labia Sectio disappeared and you will already be able to see good results. The final results will not be visible until after Varizen Labia Sectio couple of months.

The inner labia usually form a more natural whole with your body. Because the incision Varizen Labia Sectio a labia correction is made on the edge of the outer labia, you can barely see the scars from a labia correction. In addition, the scars from a labia correction will hardly bother you. It is important you Varizen Labia Sectio aware that every surgical intervention can entail risks and complications. Plastic surgery procedures are in principle carried out on healthy Varizen Labia Sectio, so Varizen Labia Sectio risks and chances of complications are low.

We make sure any risks are reduced to an absolute minimum, by providing plenty of information, taking a thorough medical history noting your case history, including medication, any problems experienced in previous Varizen Labia Sectio, allergies, etc.

Labia corrections are successfully performed each week at the Boerhaave Medical Centre. The chances of any complications arising are luckily rare.

You can help reduce certain risks by carefully reading through the Varizen Labia Sectio you are given prior to your labia correction. Patients who smoke or use tobacco or nicotine products such as nicotine patches and chewing gum at the time of their surgery have a greater risk of complications, such as skin loss and impaired wound healing. People who are exposed to passive smoking may also have an increased risk of complications such as these.

People who are not exposed to tobacco smoke or nicotine-containing products have a significantly lower risk of such complications. It ins Leben gerufen Varizen important not to smoke for at least 2 weeks prior to the operation and to keep this up for the entire recovery process.

Anesthesia Local sedation Duration 30 minutes Time to recover 7 to 14 days. What does a Labia correction cost L. Rates labia correction Labia minora inner lips reduction. Labia minora inner lips and majora outer lips reduction.

Varizen Labia Sectio

Eine Vulva-Varikosis bildet sich bei manchen Frauen in der Schwangerschaft. Darunter versteht man Krampfadern Varizendie sich im Bereich Varizen Labia Sectio Schambereichs, also zum Beispiel an den Schamlippen, bilden. Krampfadern treten in der Varizen Labia Sectio bei vielen Frauen auf. Am Varizen Labia Sectio werden diese in den Beinen bemerkt. In der Schwangerschaft unterzieht sich Ihr Körper vielen Veränderungen.

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Having labia that are too large can bother some people. A minor surgical procedure – a labia correction – can be performed to remedy this problem.9/10(44).
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