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Varizen in Ukraine

For those who want to express themselves, Verizon has a Facebook page and Twitter. As well they can be Varizen in Ukraine over the phone:. Ukraine is under attack by the Putin worshipping Russians and you Varizen in Ukraine to insult a country under siege.

Makes you look ignorant. And the way, their dancers are highly trained professionals that should be respected. I will tell anyone I know about see more ignorant and insensitive advertisement. Talk about no brainers and idiots behaving like idiots and fools.

Hundreds, probably even thousands, of kids and young Varizen in Ukraine in North America attend classes weekly or even several times a week to learn and master Ukrainian folk dancing which helps them occupy themselves with Varizen in Ukraine that plugs them into world culture and the art of Varizen in Ukraine and keeps them from engaging in those activities that lead other youth to crime, and yet Verizon has nothing better to do than to thrash and make fun of the object of their sincere interest, Varizen in Ukraine, and commitment.

As a teacher I have Varizen in Ukraine it impressive how participation in Ukrainian dance groups has a very positive and constructive influence on them Varizen in Ukraine cultivating a sense of dignity, gracefulness in behavior, respectfulness, and self-confidence, qualities which one would hope could somehow be installed in all our youth.

Frankly, as a subscriber of Verizon services I find this commercial tasteless and the concept simply despicable. Knowing Varizen in Ukraine my payments will be used for such base attempt at humor at the cost of what I know is valuable in the lives of the young people I work with, will lead me Varizen in Ukraine reconsider whether my values would allow me to stay a customer of Verizon which I have been practically from the inception of the company.

I am an Ukarainian American and highly disappointed with this video and Verizon. This commercial is highly offensive to me and all of my Ukrainian American friends and relatives. I believe that it is not a good marketing tool to insult any Varizen in Ukraine background.

I was shocked when I Varizen in Ukraine this. Who ever approved this video should see more into consideration that people Varizen in Ukraine America and are Verizon customers, employees or retirees come from different ethnic backgrounds. I find this Varizen in Ukraine offensive and culturally insensitive and at a time when Ukrainians are struggling to fight off the Russian aggressor this is in extremely bad taste.

Is there supposed to be an underlying message? Is this a subtle way of ethnic bias? A comedian is fine unless he crosses Varizen in Ukraine particular line, which, of course, in the mind of a self-centered Varizen in Ukraine, is the only line that matters.

When our contract is up we will drop verizon unless the ad is take off FB. If you ever saw Ukrainian danceswell performed, you would have never made fun of Varizen in Ukraine. True, your commercial shows some local amateurs Why?! True, we are now super-sensitive about how Ukrainians are portrayed in the media. But, in view of Varizen in Ukraine events of the past year where have you been?? As would you be!

You may loose numerous customers because of this. That idea is quite rude and unproffesional. Shame on you, while Ukrainians struggle to preserve their freedoms and identity, you choose to insult them. It almost appears that this part of a Russian propaganda campaign that sows lies about their war against the people of Ukraine. Respectfully yours, Victor Koszarny. As a Polish American I express my solidarity with Ukrainians in this issue.

It would be interesting to know who authorized this commercial and I would consider connections to Russia. It would definitely help if people started canceling subscriptions.

It would be great if there was an apology and meeting of Verizon with Ukrainian American leaders. I personally will make a complaint. To show such a vulgar message is beyond ignorance and I object to your classless presentation.

They promote cultural disrespect and anti-Ukrainianism! I wanted to share my disappointment in your advertisement, Customize TV, where the Ukrainian Varizen in Ukraine is denigrated. Kindly do not produce nor air these types of advertisements as they are very offensive to the various ethnic groups being represented.

Thank Varizen in Ukraine for your attention to this matter. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Skip to content Posted on June 18, by Andrew. As well they can be reached over the phone: No more Verizon Varizen in Ukraine me. Why is Verizon slamming Ukrainian culture? It is offensive to all Ukrainians.

It looks like Verizon is supporting Putin in his war against Ukraine. Please remove this offense commercial to all Ukrainians! Please remove this commercial. Stop degrading the Ukrainian community. This commercial promoting racism in this day and age is obscene and unacceptable. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Authenticate this comment using OpenID.

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Mar 28,  · I am about to move to Ukraine (Lviv) and have an iphone 6 locked with Verizon. Will I be able to use it in Ukraine as it is now? If not, what is the.
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Complete resource on how to call Ukraine: country code, area codes and more international calling info. How to call Ukraine from the USA or from Canada.
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Now your wireless plan travels just like you do. Verizon offers TravelPass for countries.
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Today one can find the same telecommunications infrastructure in the large cities of Ukraine as in other metropolitan areas of the world. Both cell phone and Internet services are inexpensive and easy to use.
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Complete resource on how to call Ukraine: country code, area codes and more international calling info. How to call Ukraine from the USA or from Canada.
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