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Homing quasar

homing quasar

You can get varkids in Tundra Express (Farmhouse) and Caustic Caverns! In this series I will be showing you. They like to add a different "use" type as well, I've found one homing awesome but it was still my best option until I got a level 21 Quasar drop. I know about the Hyperius/Gee door trick and the Farm House, but are there any faster, more efficient methods for getting the Quasar grenade?.


Borderlands 2 Quasar ist ein legendärer Granaten-Mod hergestellt von Hyperion. Tomorrow's Pokemon Announcement Will Probably Disappoint. Check out these resources: For instance, the Quasar is better on a Bloodsplosion Krieg or Gunzerking Gunzerker because it lets you group enemies for faster killing. Zer0 uses it primarily for stripping shields for melee. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto?

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Slag Crossfire is thing of beauty, and way easier to get than bouncing bonnies Get em from the Torgue Seraph vendor. More topics from this board Borderlands 2 - DLC Guide. PhilOnDez PhilOnDez 4 years ago 3 I think it's the legendary version, like transfusion has an upgraded version called leech that applies a DoT that instantly heals you, no travel time. Gearbox Software 2K Games. To be fair, he's not that far off anyway. FAQ - Read before posting. homing quasar


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