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Backgammon tutorial

backgammon tutorial

Ein paar Hinweise, wie man Backgammon spielt. Kultspiel Backgammon Tutorial (Deutsch) - How. +thenewboston Thanks for taking the time to make simple tutorials for backgammon. I've watched several of. Backgammon Lernen (Deutsch) Das ist eine Anleitung für Beckgammon auf Deutsch/HD.

Backgammon tutorial - Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit auf

Wer zuerst alle seine Steine herauswürfelt, hat gewonnen. Doublets allow you to remove four checkers if possible. The first player to get all their checkers off is the winner, not the first to get one checker off! If you roll a die for a point that isn't occupied then you must, if possible, move within your inner board until a die is equal to an occupied point or is less than your highest occupied point. This is quite likely to happen and it is very important that you fully understand how to minimise your losing chances when your opponent is waiting to hit you back onto the bar from an occupied point within your own inner board. Set up your home board as in Diagram 5 with white holding your 1-point with three checkers and assume that white will hit any blots you expose. Because of this, you now want to finish this game with a race as you are a favourite to win it this time. Kann kein Stein roulette profis werden, so verfällt der Wurf und der Gegner ist am Zug. At first this situation looks very similar to the previous one. The correct move is to play from the point; but; you can't move the 6 to the 5-point because white occupies it, so how do you do it? Now, it is getting quite difficult to take checkers off without leaving a blot - do you know how many rolls leave a blot next time?


Beginner Backgammon Tutorial - 3 - Hitting and Re-Entering

Backgammon tutorial - Trading

You now roll again; taking a checker off your 5-point using the 6 and because you don't have any checkers on your 2-point you now have to move within your home board. Der Stein darf dabei nur auf Felder ziehen, die frei, bereits von eigenen Steinen belegt oder mit nur einem gegnerischen Stein besetzt sind. Das Spielbrett hat verschiedene Bereiche: Black's checkers move anti-clockwise, and white's checkers move clockwise. Hat der Spieler z. Before we get to the entire board and the opening positions, let's deal with bringing checkers into your inner board from your outer board. Rolling dice that correspond to gaps in your home board can lose you the game and therefore it is vital you concentrate on covering as many points as you can - and preferably the lower ones as opposed to the higher ones. backgammon tutorial


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